Mounties Pony Up For Piggy Bank Theft

Every file that the police work with, has an impact on the lives of the victim, suspect, and even the police officer. There is always one file that comes along that effects even the police officers that little bit more.

Recently, the Comox Valley RCMP responded to a call of a residential break, enter and theft. Having your home entered by unknown people, your belongings gone through and your items stolen, is a very emotional and stressful event. Especially when one works so hard in life for their things.

As the Comox Valley RCMP officers worked the scene, looking for evidence to assist in catching the people responsible for this crime, they heard the plight of two children, who had money stolen from their piggy bank. It turns out the kids had been saving their birthday and chore money for several years, to buy an iPod that they could share. They were heartbroken, just like that, all the money was gone.

As the officers continued to work, it they decided to try to refill the piggy bank. With a message sent around the detachment, money was very quickly raised. In fact, enough money was raised to buy both girls their own iPods. More tears were shed the day that the members returned to the scene of the crime, and turned over the money raised by the RCMP employees.

Great job Comox Valley RCMP Officers and staff.